THE PNP AGENCY™  -  Sports & Entertainment PR/MGT Administration
The PNP Agency™ specializes in public relations, marketing, communications and behavioral prevention advisement for sports and entertainment professionals, public figures and not-for-profit clients.  We have years of expertise and experience in effectively communicating our client’s messages to target audiences.  We have built a successful consulting practice and gain knowledge by culling from diverse experiences in the corporate, non-profit sectors, sports and entertainment industries. We maintain and emphasize solid, proactive and passionate public relations and management efforts. 
The PNP Agency™ prides its position on committing to clients early in their careers and assisting them advance to tremendous heights.  We are dedicated to providing our clients and business partners with cutting-edge industry connections, resources, referrals and recommendations.  We believe through strong partnerships, hard work, determination and a little TLC, all things will blossom.    
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